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BlackHat Coin
BlackHat Coin Private, secure, fast and available for everyone. Privacy focused decentralized cryptocurrency providing truly anonymous untraceable transactions based on PoS consensus and zk-SNARKs data protection protocol (Zero Knowledge Proof) SECURE ANONYMOUS PAYMENTS The privacy layer of BlackHat coin implemented on zk-SNARK Sapling protocol by Electric Coin Company (ZCash) which provides fast, anonymous and untraceable payments with Zero Knowledge Proof without revealing your transaction amounts and balance to anyone. PROOF OF STAKE - STAKING Running your wallet and keeping coins in it you automatically participate in the blocks and transactions validation process which allows you not only receive rewards, but also strengthen the network. Proof of Stake is available for everyone and it doesn\'t require any specialized mining equipment with high energy consumption, so you are able use your home computer/laptop and even ARM based microcomputers such as Raspberry PI. COLD STAKING Like usual staking but with some features. You can delegate your coins for staking to another wallet which is switched on 24/7 (hot wallet). Hot wallet stakes delegated coins on your behalf but have no access to them. The rewards go directly to your wallet. All coins remain under your full control in your wallet which could be switched off keeping your private keys and coins safe while hot wallet stakes coins for you. It\'s possible to delegate coins from different multiple wallets to one hot wallet for cold staking. (This feature is currently under development. See Roadmap for more information) MASTERNODES Masternodes is the second layer of network security which provides additional blocks and transactions validation. Starting your own masternode you\'re also strengthen the network and receiving rewards. Anyone who started masternode can participate in Decentralized Governance voting for the proposals to determine if the proposal should be funded. This voting is decentralized and anonymous, since the owners and their masternodes are located in different parts of the world. DECENTRALIZED GOVERNANCE Decentralized Governance is the system of proposals which is submitted to the blockchain network to be voted by masternodes to determine if the proposal should be funded. Each started masternode is capable to vote for each proposal (a vote per masternode for each active proposal) thereby setting the vector of network development. Therefore, only community-validated initiatives will be funded. BLACKHAT COMMUNITY TREASURY A small amount in excess of the block reward will be potentially allocated for the Community Treasury to fund an implementation of proposals that received sufficient % of Yes votes from masternode holders. This funds will be generated at each superblock (approx. each month). Note: The budget will not be allocated each month in full. Only valid proposals will be funded and only required amount of coins will be generated.

BlackHat Coin May 15·2 min read As you already know the BlackHat Project provides an opportunity for passive earnings by staking (which is each wallet having the coins in it, synchronized with the blockchain and connected to the Internet 24/7, has a chance to receive a network reward). But did you know that there’s another approach which can be much more profitable and even more successful? Passive income in cryptocurrency and one of the most stable ways to make money in the digital field is to launch your own masternode. What is it and how does it work? For the beginning, we would like to draw your attention to the comparison of the difference in profitability between staking and Masternode in the BlackHat Project: BlackHat WhitePaper A Masternode (hereinafter referred to as MN) is a special node that has specific features and functions: increasing the confidentiality of transactions; execution of instant transactions; participation in governance voting, etc. These nodes do not work independently, they interact with a large number of other similar nodes that form a decentralized network, and these functions help to stabilize the operation of the entire blockchain network. The ultimate goal of MN’s work is to validate the newly generated block, prove it valid and make the entire blockchain move smoothly forward. Masternodes form a second layer network. The second layer of the network can provide more services such as private transactions to ensure financial privacy and improve the efficiency of transactions. Masternodes ensure that all transactions are verified in near real time, making them highly efficient for building a secure and stable blockchain. An additional benefit is the fact that MN holders participate in the decentralized governance by voting “Yes” (pro) or “No” (contra) community requests to spend Community Treasure. Everyone can create MN independently. If you have enough tech skills then you can use the instructions from BlackHat Team. For those who will not be able to configure the MN by themselves — the BlackHat Team is negotiating with a number of services that will provide the service of placing, configuring MN for a nominal cost and instant shared masternodes. All our partnerships will be announced in our socials (stay tuned)! Although BlackHat MN needs to lock 5,000 BLKCs in order to work as proof of loyalty to the blockchain, it is worth noting that this can be justified by the higher income level compared to staking. We strongly recommend that you buy MN in our project if you are more serious investor and / or are already staking as a member of the community. buy MN: (discounts can be discussed for large investors) BlackHat Coin Privacy focused cryptocurrency