Wrapped FireAnts (wANTS) Bep-20

Our vision is to provide a fair and open peer-to-peer blockchain service that everyone can use. FireAnts is a platform for developers to create applications for the preservation of threatened or minority cultures. Languages, culture, and traditions can be preserved as NFTs on the FireAnts blockchain. With the help of FireAnts, legacies are never lost and can be saved for an eternity.


FireAnts (ANTS) ERC-20

Not all to long ago there was a FireAnt colony living on a phone pole,
FireAnts love electromagnetism – it keeps them warm,cozy and they can vibe on the high frequency they like.It was quite unintentionally, but the FireAnts listened to news and reports brodcasted. When the FireAnts started to focus on what was transmitted by the humans, they became attentive and where shocked. For a long time, the FireAnts thought that humans, despite their big brains, silly big inhabitants of their planet, would behave just like them.

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RedFireAnts (RANTS) BEP-20

The FireAnts association donates FireAnts coins to philanthropic projects that focus on creating and improving fairness and justice throughout humanity. Among other things, FireAnts focus on tribal sovereignty and oppressed cultures that depend on traditional financial systems.