Blockchain Platform Launches Medium For Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 Alt-Coins.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Dec 16, 2021 (  – New York Alt Exchange is pleased to announce the launch of our newest Alt Coin service. Our web protocol is an aggregator for emerging blockchain projects to gain awareness and liquidity. Our latest DEX protocol addition lets companies and users connect to the Binance Smart Chain Network via our protocol. We are now able to host BEP-20 Tokens and ERC-20.
The new platform allows for a decentralized environment where users can utilize the defi protocol system to buy, sell, swap, and pool the alt-coins featured. This proprietary platform allows altcoin projects owners to upload information to create a dynamic media-rich profile page with videos, audios, social media links, news, and charts all built around a Bep-20 DEX. This unique platform gives project owners and users a new way to connect on social media in a way most centralized exchanges cannot achieve.
“We are very excited the way our new platform is adapting and scaling to the trending demand of altcoins coming from the Binance Smart Chain Network”.

Frank Ferraro, Founder of New York Alt Exchange, states.

“We now have two Alt Coins dually listed with us, both SmartChem (SMAC) and FireAnts (rANTS). Each having an ERC-20 and a bep-20 token listing on our platform”.

About New York Alt Exchange
New York Alt Exchange (NYAX) is a blockchain aggregator of a new smart contract trading protocol. Our exchange serves as a portal for new altcoins to introduce their project to the investment community. Our proprietary protocol platform is powered by Uniswap. New York Alt Exchange trading symbol (NYAX) is currently a decentralized crypto exchange that offers a wide range of trading and marketing services for companies wishing to list on our platform. Currently, we market new listings on our proprietary platform by adding the latest trading features and technology to the custom program we have created, combined with traditional investor relations, New York Alt Exchange can provide what other exchanges lack in terms of marketplace awareness and liquidity. We are not financial advisors or registered broker-dealers nor are we a regulated exchange. In the future, we aim to provide a highly regulated exchange for select institutional and qualified retail investors through the implementation of strong Know Your Customer (KYC) standards and filings with various regulatory agencies.

About Fire Ants
FireAnts is an open-source blockchain project with the ANTS coin as its native token. FireAnts is a platform for developers to create applications for the preservation of threatened or minority cultures. Languages, cultures, and traditions can be preserved as NFTs on the FireAnts blockchain. With the help of FireAnts, legacies are never lost and can be saved for eternity. In addition, archaeological finds or specific items can be tagged, digitized, and monetized through the FireAnts blockchain. For more information

About Smart Chem
The Smartchem Platform is an online environment enabling Industrial Cleaning Buyers and Sellers (Smartchem) to find each other and enter into contracts. The Platform uses smart contracts and tokenized fluids to execute and manage all transactions. This core Platform technology uses blockchain to store this information in an immutable, transparent, and secure way so that the authenticity of all contracts can always be validated independently of Smartchem. For more information

Media Contact:
Frank Ferraro
New York Alt Exchange

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