Token Details

What is LUCA? LUCA is the native token of ATM, the peer-to-peer staking platform that allows users to stake tokens with one another. By locking their tokens in a connection, they build their network. ATM ranks each user in this network using Google\'s PageRank algorithm and determines their stake rewards from this. The reward token is LUCA. What use is LUCA? LUCA is also the best currency to lock in a connection, as using it means that the connections will have a higher weight when rewards are calculated. Thus, LUCA is the primary token used in ATM\'s network, which has amassed around 3,500 users and is still growing substantially. Similar to Pancakeswap\'s CAKE token, LUCA is used as a reward and also as a utility token for the ATM platform, and we expect to see continued growth of both the value of LUCA and the size of the ATM community building this new form of staking social network. What is ATMRank? The ATMRank algorithm gives a rough estimate as to the influence of a user over the network, in a similar way to how PageRank estimates which webpages are the most important and should be shown at the top of search results. PageRank was developed by google and is how Google ranks webpages, and it does so by measuring factors such as the links between them. ATM implements this algorithm to our peer-to-peer staking network, alongside added parameters. This is used to calculate each users’ PR value, which then determines their daily rewards. Who is the Founder of ATM? ATM was founded by Lottfi Zaouini, the current CEO of NeuronLabs but who also has recent and varied experience in crypto and development.

New features are coming! NOTICE 19/11/2021 11:43:52 Another week another article, and this time we have more exciting news and updates. We don’t even have to tell you how well LUCA has been performing, with a 100% increase since launch any investment that you made early on has essentially doubled! When combined with the fact you’re receiving daily LUCA rewards for making connections, the value of the network is really beginning to stack up. LUCA seen a 100% gain, and so has the number of users on the network. From 1000 to 2000 in just 10 days means that we’re averaging about a 10% increase per day - Let’s see if we can keep this (autonomous, trust) momentum up. Who\'s to say we can’t reach 4000 in another 10? 😉 Next up for release is the Community Proposal feature, one that we believe will be integral to the longevity of this project: ATM is a decentralised distribution mechanism, this means that the users themselves will need to manage it as a community to allow it to continuously evolve. We hope that this should offer stability when the economic environment changes unpredictably around us. There will be two types of proposal: General and special. In general proposals community members can vote for and against, and the proposal will only be valid if the total votes exceed 2% of the total AGT in circulation. (AGT is ATM governance tokens, you get those for making consensus connections.) The proposal passes if more than 2/3 votes are in favour. Special proposals work slightly differently, the community can only vote on modifications to the proposal. We can’t wait to see what suggestions the community puts forward using this decentralised governance mechanism!