Token Details

Wrapped NCE
The WNCE token is a community token. It is designed to serve the crypto community to the maximum. It is based on a Reward system which is currently BUSD. The token is young since it was launched on September 16th in a Fair launch. We have no whales among the Hodlers. There is an equal split of holders. And our Reard system has already distributed thousands of dollars to investors, As part of the NCE Brand, we are present on several fronts. One of our tokens on which our exchange will be based is already present on several listing and exchange sites. Now the time has come to create our own exchange. An integral part of this exchange will be the WNCE token. WNCE is a reward token that will generate a stable price and reward from the very beginning. Our chart is excellent and our current holders are keeping the project in massively safe hands, which has already distributed over $4,000 BUSD in rewards to investors. What you should know about the WNCE token: Token number: 1 000 000 000 Slippage 17% - 9% exchange fund - 7% BUSD Reward - 1% auto LP This token will form the gateway between other tokens. It currently gives BUSD Reward, which was created to allow all Holders to pay immediately with the reward. In the future, this reward will change and will be a NCE token, our own other token. The WNCE token will be an integral part of our exchange, so much so that people who are present on the BSCSCAN Holder list will receive a share of our exchange\\'s earnings through a weekly payment. Each week we will set aside 10% of the total revenue to be distributed as a percentage to WNCE token holders. We want to build community and reward those who are members and loyal supporters of the project. We also plan to release our own VISA card which will allow WNCE users to pay directly.

Currently our tokens are running on the Binance Smart Chain network. This will change in the future as we develop our own blockchain network.