Token Details

Safe Chain Token
Safechaintoken is a hyper-deflationary utility token for the Safechaintoken ecosystem. We are building a platform for easy token swaps. We are building a simple-to-use all-in-one platform. You will be able to swap tokens, provide liquidity for tokens, farm tokens, and stake tokens. Our products will guarantee a high APR. We are also planning to launch more contracts and use cases. For example, we want to build our own NFT Marketplace, where you can buy special NFTs while using our native utility token for any purchase. Token Burn Token burns are essential to maintain a stable growth of the token by reducing its supply. Our initial supply was 250M. We already burned 10% of the total token supply prior to the token launch. This equals 25M Safechaintoken. We have moved another 10% of the total token supply to a locked burn wallet from where we will burn more Safechaintokens over time. Every end of the month 5M Safechaintoken will be unlocked from the contract and will be burned. The first unlock starts by end of November and the last unlock will be by March. After the last burn, we will be sitting at a total token supply of only 195M Safechaintoken. This is as hyper-deflationary as it could go. Static Reflections What are static reflections? Every transaction is subject to a transaction tax of 10% 5% of this tax will be equally distributed to all Safechaintoken holders and 5% will be added to our liquidity pool to maintain a higher price floor. The higher the trading volume, the stronger the reflections. Lean back and watch your wallet rise to infinity. Weekly Giveaways We decided to give our community something back and therefore we will host regular community token giveaways. There are several types of giveaways that we organize: • Random Giveaways in our Telegram Group • Giveaways with tasks on Twitter • Giveaways in cooperation with Youtubers Safechaintoken Swap The Safechaintoken Swap integration will happen in Q4. We want to be independent of common swap platforms - so we will build our own. This will be huge for Safechaintoken because it will attract more and more investors to our platform. Hyper Deflationary The Safechaintoken is designed to be hyper deflationary with it\\'s total token supply of 250M Demand for Safechaintoken will rise over time as we build our ecosystem and the supply of tokens decreases. This will lead to steady growth. Audit and KYC for more transparency We contracted with reputable audit firm Solidproof to demonstrate the security of our development structure and to prove our team\\'s intent to be fully transparent with the Safechaintoken community. Founders The founders are all fully doxxed and based in German

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