NYAX Ventures Looks to Decentralize the Crypto Venture Industry


NYAX Ventures Looks to Decentralize the Crypto Venture Industry


Access to new and emerging blockchain and crypto projects have usually been reserved for the likes of venture capital or private equity firms only.
NYAX Ventures, which is a division of New York Alt Exchange, looks to decentralize this 'inside world' of venture equity by offering seats in their venture network through the use of an NFT access pass.

Maximum Seats Authorized: 40 NFTs

NFT Holder Benefits
Obtaining a seat on NYAX Ventures will grant holders access to new crypto and NFT projects before they become popular with the mainstream trading community.

New Issue Airdrops
NYAX Venture members will also have the ability to participate in exclusive 'airdrops' only available through the New York Alt Exchange.

The return of these new airdrop issues alone could pay off the price of the NFT seat for long-term holders.
- Private access to Telegram and Discord channels
- Direct communication with project founders
- Access to virtual investor roadshow presentations
- Live investor networking parties in New York, Miami, Myrtle Beach
- Decentralized voting (DAO) on projects

Project Summary
With a maximum supply of 40 venture membership seats we expect the resale demand among institutional investors like VC firms and "Crypto Whale" type investors to increase demand value for these NFT's as the project grows.

How to Purchase

NYAX Ventures is currently offering 10 of its non-fungible tokens for sale using 1 Ethereum (ETH).